Pool Care Tips

Check your chlorine level every day during hot months, and when having algae problems. 
Keep chlorine tablets in your skimmer. 
Check your water balance once a month at pool store. 
Keep your water balanced. (That is how your liner and motor/pump will last longer.) Water is alive! When water is out of balance, it will take what it needs to “feel balanced”. 
Also, no matter how you sanitize your water, i.e. salt system or granular chlorine or an ionizer, you still have to balance your water. 
Even when you close your pool for the winter (if you do close it), make sure the water is balanced. 
When getting water sample, first rinse water container in pool, then stick arm at least elbow deep. Bring water sample to pool store as soon as possible. The heat prevents an accurate water analysis.

One of the best things you can do for your pool- Gently brush your pool al least once a week, the floor and the walls. 
Always brush pool after adding chemicals.

When diluting a chemical, water is put in bucket first, chemical second. More water than chemical. Stir with a stick, NEVER your arm/hand. Keep face away from bucket. 
Always rinse out bucket completely before adding a different chemical. 
Never, Never, Never : 
mix 2 different chemicals at the same time in the same bucket. 
Store chemicals in a cool, dry place. 
Store test kit in cool place. Heat messes it up. 
Open chemicals away from your face; be careful of fumes/gases. 
Always add algaecide or shock after every heavy rain. If water level is too high, dump water first then add algaecide or shock. ( This would be a great time to vacuum to waste.)

Backwash and rinse once a week or when pressure is 10 lbs. over your pool’s normal pressure. Backwashing- this cleans the sand- so backwash until water in sight glass runs clear. Then Rinse- this settles the sand back in place- rinse for 30-45 seconds.

Always turn the motor off before turning the handle on the multiport valve and get in the habit of turning the handle in the same direction. 
Try to run motor 24 hours a day. If trying to save on power bill, turn motor off late at night then turn back on early in the morning.

Vacuuming: to waste? or on filter? If you don’t want what you are vacuuming to go in your filter system, then vacuum on waste. Be careful- the water level will drop quickly. When you vacuum on filter, be sure to backwash & rinse when you finish. Water level should be halfway up the skimmer. 
Be sure to empty your skimmer basket and the pump basket. If either of these gets full and stops the water flow to your pump, it can cause your pump to run dry, which can burn up your motor. 
Above ground pool owners, 1) be sure to put granular ant killer around your pool once a month. Ants love to eat a hole in your liner. 2) be sure to put gravel around the outside of your pool to allow water to drain away from the pool.

NEVER allow anything in your pool that has been in the lake or in the ocean. Not even if they say they washed their swimsuit. You could get mustard algae. It is aggravating and expensive to get rid of it. (Mustard algae spores can blow into your pool from storms.) How do you know if you have it in your pool? Mustard algae can look like sand, but it is not gritty like sand. The mustard algae will poof away from you. Also, if you vacuum one day and stuff is back the next day. Or if your water is green but the floor is not slimy and you cannot keep chlorine in your pool. How do you get rid of it? Patience and come see us. Keep chlorine on the high side and use our copper algaecide according to instructions. Make sure you treat anything that has been in the pool. If you don’t treat these items, you will just put the algae right back in your pool. 
Walmart chemicals or Pool store chemicals? Walmart is not always cheaper. Please compare the amount of chemical that is in the package not just the price. Our products are stronger and better. 

Call whenever you have questions. No matter how silly you think the question is. Call anyway.


Hope you enjoy your pool!

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