Forget what you think you know about above ground pools. Long gone are the uninspired, awkward tubs of water – todays above ground pools offer beauty, variety and amenities.


Purchasing a Seaspray® Above Ground Pool ensures a fast and trouble-free installation process. In most cases, your pool can be up and ready for swimmers in just one weekend.


You don’t have to surrender your yard to enjoy a refreshing dip in your pool. An above ground pool requires less yard space, and the Seaspray Pools series has a variety of choices to make certain your specific size requirements can be met.


Heaters, cleaners and other pool accessories, once geared toward the in ground pool market, are now available for the above ground market.

Approximately 50-percent of the pools owned in the United States are above ground. Many pool owners select the above ground option for the cost savings – whether for the upfront savings, the relatively low operating and maintenance costs or the potential savings in property taxes.


Your Seaspray Above Ground Pool is built to last – constructed of quality, durable materials for a long life – but it is also flexible to your needs. If you change homes or need to reclaim your yard space, your above ground pool can be disassembled in a day.


Your Seaspray pool offers accents and aesthetics that were once reserved for in ground pool owners. Waterfalls, fiber optic lighting, elaborate decking and landscaping can all be incorporated to enhance the beauty of your Seaspray pool. Wall and liner options let you customize the pool to your personal tastes.

Fun and Fitness:

From end to end, your Seaspray Above Ground Pool has a constant water depth. This set up provides the ideal setting for families that enjoy water games – such as volleyball or basketball – or those that want to incorporate water aerobics into their fitness routine.


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