When should I open my pool?

Early pool openings prevent this Memorial Day party flop!

“When should I open my pool?” is the age old question we sometimes forget to ask.

Most people say, ” I’m not going to swim until Memorial Day, why should I open my pool before the first of May?”. There are several reasons that come to mind.

  1. Once the temperature is above 60 degrees, your pool starts to grow algae. The longer it grows the harder it is to kill.
  2. Killing algae requires chemicals. The larger the algae bloom in your pool the more chemicals it takes to get rid of it.
  3. More chemicals and additional trips from your service provider equal more cash.
  4. By opening early, less chemicals and trips are necessary initially. The amount of chemicals to maintain your pool for the additional 1- 2 months usually cost less than waiting to open in May.
  5. The best reason of all is that you are ready to swim whenever you like.
  6. Our March-April openings are booking up, so call today to reserve your opening. Call 256-582-4050 today!


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